abundance vs. scarcity

Life is Abundantly Good.

It is hard to have this attitude all of the time. Truthfully, this idea to me almost sounds gimmicky at first glance. I have been thinking more and more about this idea since reading authors like Brené Brown and Sheryl Sandberg. They have helped encourage readers to focus on the idea of abundance and the truth that life really is very good in many ways. Even when it is bad, there are moments that are profoundly good in each day. I just finished reading Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant's new book, "Option B." In her book, Sandberg talks about the tragedy of losing her husband suddenly and beginning to build resilience in the face of real, life changing struggle. The book is amazing. My biggest take away (and there were many) was this: Sandberg began to stop, at the end of each day, to talk with her kids about moments in the day that gave them joy or things they did well each day. My children and I have started to do this and it has shifted our thinking.  Life is very good. Even in the messy moments of life, there are very good things. What if we noticed more of the "good stuff?"

Rebekah Vepraskas