Grieving Well

Over the past 3 years, I have learned that grief can be distracting and even undoing. If you have grieved the loss of someone close, you know exactly what I mean. Leaning into grief, feels scary or even foreign for someone just experiencing loss. 

After facilitating our grief group in the City of Decatur for the past 5 weeks, I have found how valuable, meaningful and healthy making space for grief has felt. Even 3 years into my own grief journey, I am learning and growing and I see how our group members are growing, too. 

This group is meeting for the balance of the summer. There is no charge for attending. It's an opportunity for me to give back to the community where I live and work and the town that I love. As many are traveling this summer and are not able to attend regularly, please feel free to drop in. 

To join us, please sign up here. 

We ponder our journeys, listen and we heal through the universal connection of shared grief.